Waterproof Kids Siamese Rain Jacket – Only £5.11! 20Jun


✂ cupon code: NCZNDHF5

Reduced from £10.23 to £5.11.
You can get this great deal by using Code NCZNDHF5. This will reduce it from £10.23 to about £5.11. Polyester, PU, EVA waterproof, no unpleasant smell, no amber. The front of the hat has a transparent cover that can be seen from the front and does not interfere with the child’s view. With a reflective material, it can be clearly seen at night. The cuff is covered with rubber so that water does not enter the sleeve. You can wear a slightly larger size without damaging the sleeves.

📅 Jun 20, 2022
Amazon UK’s regular price (without coupon or flash sale): $12.53
= discount 50% off the original price
£5.11    ca 5.95€  AU$9.00

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