DEAL STACK – VEEAPE Ear Wax Remover with Camera + 5% Coupon 1Jun


✂ cupon code: 6LWUJOHU

Reduced from £25.99 to £11.69.
Amazon deal stack. It is for a VEEAPE Ear Wax Remover with camera. There is a discount code 6LWUJOHU plus there’s a 5% coupon you can combine on top. This reduces the price from £25.99 to £11.69. Veepe second generation ear endoscope: the second generation otoscope from Veeape is a good sequel to the first generation technology. The ear spoon uses a smooth silicone material and with a built-in system with constant temperature. With the accessory storage box, you can store earplugs and earplugs well. It is also the best choice for gifts. Automatic on/off + UV disinfection: no buttons are required, you just need to open the lid and the otoscope turns on automatically. Built-in sterilisation function. After closing the lid, the power supply is switched off and the ear spoon is automatically sterilised by ultraviolet light. Protect the health of you and your family. 3.5 mm ultra-slim ear lens with fixed cap: Veeape ear cleaner uses the latest ultra-slim lens with a diameter of 3.5 mm, which easily and comfortably reaches deep into the ear canal to the eardrum and is suitable for different ear sizes. The second generation uses an advanced design with firm cap to prevent the earplugs from falling off. 360° wide angle and 1080P FHD video image: with a high-quality 1080P full HD resolution (2.0MP lens) and 500W pixels, these ear cleaners for removing earwax have a professional 360° wide angle lens that allows you to see real-time images of tiny details in your ear canal. 60°.

📅 Jun 1, 2023

Amazon UK’s regular price (without coupon or flash sale): $32.25
= discount 55% off the original price

£11.69    ca 13.60€  AU$22.35

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