Organic Alkalizing Tea (25 X 2 G) 19Mar


Reduced from £6.50 to £1.90.
You can get this Organic Alkalizing Tea reduced from £6.50 to £1.90. Certified Organic, Sustainable – Our products are made from carefully selected herbs sourced from 100% organically grown and hand-picked in certified and naturally clean areas respecting the balance and well-being of the environment This combination of subtle nettle, lemon grass, ground elder, refreshing roseship and other aromatic ingredientsdoes not only alkalifies human body, but olso teastes great. Organic farming product Celebrate every moment with a cup of natural, caffeine-free infusion with a delicate herbal taste and aroma. A warm tea sipped quietly after a hard day pleasantly relaxes and enhances your mood. Allow yourself a little happiness and joy every day.

📅 Mar 19, 2023

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