Portable Electric Neck Massager – Only £11.49! 21Sep


Reduced from £22.99 to £11.49.
You can get this great deal. Apply 50% Voucher This will reduce it from £22.99 to about £11.49. [LOW-FREQUENCY PULSE NECK MASSAGER] This neck massager uses advanced pulse technology and 42° constant temperature hot compress, simulated tapping, acupoint massage, tapping, kneading and massage and other traditional massage techniques, providing real deep tissue massage and blood circulation Stimulation can relieve neck muscle pain, stiffness and fatigue. [42° CONSTANT TEMPERATURE] 6.42°C Constant Temperature Hot Compress is a commonly used massage technique. Combined with 42°C Constant Temperature Hot Compress, it can promote blood circulation, relieve cervical stiffness, and have a better massage effect. The U-shaped ring neck design conforms to the curve characteristics of the human neck and is suitable for various neck shapes.

📅 Sep 21, 2022
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£11.49    ca 13.16€  AU$19.53

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