DEAL STACK – Springform Cake Pans Set + 10% Coupon 26May


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Reduced from £23.79 to £9.51.
Amazon deal stack. It is for a Springform Cake Pans Set. There is a discount code RHE9T4T4 plus there’s a 10% coupon you can combine on top. This reduces the price from £23.79 to £9.51. Available for Free Prime delivery. MAKE IT YOUR FAVOURITE BAKING TOOL – If you are a person who loves making cakes and other oven-baked dishes and want to have cake pans of different sizes, then this is the perfect set of springform pans that you can look into. Whether you are planning to bake a small cake as a dessert for a romantic dinner for two, or you are baking a family-sized cheesecake, this springform pans set will have you covered MULTIFUNCTION USE – Now, this cake pan set is the proven choice in restaurant and bakery kitchens and is also a useful gadget for DIY desserts and food if you love baking stuff like cheesecake, yogurt cake, mousse, coffee cake, lasagna, quiche, paella, cookies, fruit pie, pecan pie, and any similar recipe. And it also makes a great and practical gift for your friends. SPRINGFORM PAN SET INCLUDES – Different sizes 4 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, 10 inches springform cake pan, 80 PCS parchment paper, Icing Spatula, and 3 Icing Smoother. The springform cake pans can be used to create beautiful 1 to 4 layer cakes suited for any occasion, icing spatula is perfect for making layered cakes and spreading the icing evenly, and icing is smoother for creating perfect designs on the side or top of cakes .

📅 May 26, 2023

Amazon UK’s regular price (without coupon or flash sale): $29.35
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£9.51    ca 10.92€  AU$18.00

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