FABRIQ Florida Carpet Runner 19Mar


Reduced from £36.50 to £18.25.
You can get this great deal. Apply 50% Voucher This will reduce it from £36.50 to about £18.25. VERSATILE. This versatile carpet can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or as a hallway runner. It can fit your overall room decor and bedroom decor. Available in different sizes and colours, such as a grey rug, a black rug, a navy rug and a beige rug. PREMIUM QUALITY. This carpet runner is easy to roll out and ready to use in your room. The hard-wearing cut pile will give you many years of pleasure thanks to its robust and premium SDO quality. LOW PILE. This contemporary carpet fits perfectly into any interior and with all your kitchen accessories. The pile is extremely soft yet robust. Therefore it is hard-wearing and suitable to use as a door mat, kitchen rug or floor mat for in your home office.

📅 Mar 19, 2023

Amazon UK’s regular price (without coupon or flash sale): $44.45
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£18.25    ca 20.62€  AU$32.89

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