Linsar Hot Air Fryer 1.8L 1200 Watt 26May


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REDUCED FAT/FREE PREPARATION- Are you striving for a healthy diet? Prepare your favourite dishes with reduced fat or without any oil at all! Crispy nuggets, tasty meat, fish, vegetables, rolls or even cakes – with the Linsar hot air fryer you can achieve great results in no time at all using the touch display MULTI- FUNCTION- You want a versatile hot air fryer? Thanks to cooking instructions inside the manual, every preparation is stress-free with the right temperature and cooking time for any meal, whether pizza, rolls, vegetables or meat FAST & EASY PREPARATION- You want to prepare your food quickly and easily? Thanks to the modern hot air circulation technology in the appliance, food is cooked evenly in no time at all and thus retains its aromatic flavour SINGLE HOUSHOLDS- The Linsar hot air fryer with its 1.8 L volume offers the ideal size to prepare portions for 1-2 people. Enjoy your quickly cooked meal alone or with a friend. ENERGY SAVING – With no long warm-up time and a more compact cooking chamber, you can prepare your favourite dishes faster and more energy-efficiently compared to conventional ovens/fryers.

📅 May 26, 2023

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