WALPLUS 15cm 24pcs Terrazzo Holographic Sticker 19Mar


Reduced from £19.95 to £7.49.
You can get this WALPLUS 15cm 24pcs Terrazzo Holographic Sticker reduced from £19.95 to £7.49. Package Contains 24 pieces of stickers 15 x 15 cm Coverage area: 0.54 square meters. Spread sparkle and lightness into your home with our Terrazzo Holographic Glitter Black Wall Tile Sticker Set! To apply, just peel and stick onto any clean, flat surfaces like walls, furniture, or as window screens, and you are good to go! Do not wait another day to make your home feel as bright and wild as you are! Easy to install and remove without leaving a trace. Realistic print with long durability. Can be easily trimmed/cut to fit. Application Notes: Please only attach to the painted surface at least three weeks after painting and clean the surface prior to application. Stickers applied on laminated or wallpapered surfaces cannot be removed. DO NOT APPLY in places with direct contact to fire! Please note that even though every effort is made to depict our products accurately, the printed color may differ slightly from the colors displayed on the screen. Fire and water resistant. Suitable for the bathroom (not shower area) kitchen and other flat surfaces, it won’t stick to a rough surface that has texture on it.

📅 Mar 19, 2023

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