Dog Buddy & Lola Super Tummy Instant 22Sep


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ADDED ELECTROLYTES HELP WITH LOST WATER – Unlike Pro-Kolin dogs, the included electrolytes are essential minerals that form ions in body fluids, including blood. When dogs lose significant water, they fast-become dehydrated and need electrolyte replenishment to allow important bodily processes to occur naturally. ACTIVELY SUPPORT YOUR DOG’S DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Bentonite is a clay that attracts & binds toxins and waste to help facilitate removal from the body. Follow with Probiotics for dogs for complete support. NATURALLY DERIVED, USING PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Buddy & Lola is devoted to the health and wellbeing of dogs and believes in providing safe, natural supplements that are blended with advanced nutrients to help your pup live a healthy, active and happy life. It’s why we developed this powerhouse liquid supplement that’s expertly designed using a specific balance of pure natural ingredients to help target unhappy tummies. EFFECTIVE AND FAST ACTING: This advanced digestive supplement is veterinarian formulated with ingredients that provide a fast acting effect. Support proper digestive function that contributes to normal, healthy stools. Finally, no more nasty surprises on the carpet! EASY TO ADMINISTER – SYRINGE INCLUDED: Luckily its high formula solution can be quickly and easily squirted in their mouth or mixed into their normal food – without a fuss! So much easier than tablets. Your dog will find this tummy-friendly formula easy to digest, and with its super high absorbency, you’ll see fast, action with immediate results.

📅 Sep 22, 2022
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