Non Slip Multifunction Phone Pad – Only £8.99! 20Jun


✂ cupon code: 25T6AUX6

Reduced from £17.99 to £8.99.
You can get this great deal by using Code 25T6AUX6. This will reduce it from £17.99 to about £8.99. This non-slip multifunction phone pad is equipped with a 360-degree rotating stand, you can freely change the viewing angle according to your needs. Use the attached number sticker to display your phone number (swipe to hide it when you don’t need it) so someone in need can see your phone number through the glass when you leave the car and reach you in time. This multifunctional non-slip car phone pad is designed with four-leaf clover holes on the edge and comes with 2 aromatherapy sticks with long-lasting fragrance, you can insert the included aromatherapy sticks into the aromatherapy groove and let the aroma delight your journey of.

📅 Jun 20, 2022
Amazon UK’s regular price (without coupon or flash sale): $22.04
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£8.99    ca 10.47€  AU$15.84

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