Panasonic EH-XT20 3-in-1 Face Lift Microcurrent Device for Facial Toning 19Mar


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About this item 3-in-1 Enhancing: The Panasonic’s EH-XT20 Facial Enhancer visibly reduces wrinkle depth in just 4 weeks*3 with microcurrent technology and hot-cold technology to stimulate and improve cleansing and hydration. The device also works as a deep cleansing device with your daily cleansing lotion to extract deep-set dirt and grease from your pores – clinically proven to increase night cream absorption by up to 40%. Microcurrent technology: The positive and negative cha rge in contact with the face and hand respectively causes ions to move and create a flow into the skin, which delivers skincare ingredients deep inside the epidermis. Purify Mode: The electrical flow moves away from the skin to effortlessly extract up to 60% more deep set dirt and grease from your pores. Moisturising Mode: The electrical flow enhances the penetration of active ingredients of your skincare product into the skin by 40%. Cooling Mode: Locks the moisture within by rapidly cooling the skin surface, tightening pores to improve firmness. Triangular Head: Attach a cotton pad to the device and fix with the ring. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and use, allowing you to apply your cleansing lotion even in hard to reach areas, such as the side of the nose, t-zone, and more. To reduce wrinkle depth: use every day (preferably with your night cream), continuously for at least 4 weeks. To deep cleanse: always use with your cleansing lotion after you manually removed all make up/washed your face. To see visible improvements in your skin over time: don’t miss using the cooling step to seal in the moisture. Auto Mode: starts a 3-minute cycle that automatically switches modes (2 minutes moisturising and 1 minute cooling).

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