Digital Meat Thermometer with Backlit 26May


Reduced from £10.99 to £5.93.
You can get this Digital Meat Thermometer with Backlit reduced from £10.99 to £5.93. 13.6cm Long Food Temperature Probe: The meat thermometer’s temperature data shows within 4 seconds; temperature range is -50 to 300 degree Celsius, accuracy: 0.5 degree Celsius in range between 0 to 100 degree Celsius; Long probe helps avoiding burning yourself by mistake; Its sharp needle tip to go deep in thick cuts of food and works fast Precision Instant Read: The food thermometer with high precision sensor get internal temp of food temperature within about 4 to 6 seconds, its readout is clear, easy to read and easy to use; Celsius or Fahrenheit selector Hold Button and Backlit Function: You can lock the current temperature after pulling the cooking thermometer out of the food and get the readings easily even in dim light environment thanks to the backlit function, no more having to take the food out of the oven to check it.

📅 May 26, 2023

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£5.93    ca 6.83€  AU$11.24

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