Mosquito Killer Lamp, Electric Mosquito Killer 26May


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About this item ?20W Mosquito Killer Lamp?? The Mosquito Killer Lamp contains 20W high-intensity ultraviolet light. 3000V Voltage Kills Mosquitoes Quickly. Mosquito Killer Lamp powerful functions and high efficiency against mosquitoes, bugs, flies, insects, etc. are surprising. ?QUIET DESIGN?: Mosquito Killer Lamp using an ultra-quiet working design, the sound does not exceed 20 dB, will not disturb you or your baby’s rest and sleep, suitable for night use. ?Safe Non-Toxic?: The gap between the outer grille of the mosquito killer lamp is less than or equal to 0.7cm. Mosquito Killer is non-toxic, smokeless, tasteless, and non-radiation. Mosquito Killer will not release any unpleasant smells, dangerous fumes or deadly substances into your living environment. ?Portable and Easy to Clean?: Dead bugs are collected at the bottom of the removable basket and can be easily removed with a brush for quick cleaning. To enhance the mosquito repellent effect, it is recommended to place the insecticide at a height of 20 -100cm to ensure that the UV lamp can cover the entire space. ?80M² COVERAGE?: Mosquito Killer Lamp 365nm Light Source Effective Attracts Mosquitoes, can effectively cover an area of ????????more than 80 square meters. The high Voltage Grid can trap mosquitoes or insects at 360°.

📅 May 26, 2023

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