Voltenick Remote Control Car Toy for Kids 2Jun


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You can get this great deal. Price Drop + Apply 50% Voucher This will reduce it from £15.99 to about £7.49 with Free Prime Delivery. Double-Sided Racing Styling: cool two different styles of racing styling on two sides, with two racing looks and feels. Streamlined body design improves overall speed and aesthetics. For children who love racing, this combination of fun and learning remote control car is a toy that nurtures your child’s imagination. Perfect for strength, concentration and divergent thinking, and the perfect helper to enhance your child’s friendship. Easy to Operate for children: press the one-touch demo button and the car will automatically demonstrate stunts. Rolling stunts, 360° spins, drifts and much more. 2.4GHz wireless technology allows multiple cars to start at the same time without interfering with each other, so you can invite friends or family to race the stunt cars together. Let’s enjoy the real fun of racing games together. More Power & Grip: the upgraded twin motors can reach 7 km/h in 1-2 seconds and are equipped with superbly grippy TPR Mecanum Wheel , which are non-slip and wear-resistant for traversing sand, mountain and grass terrain.

📅 Jun 2, 2023

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